togetherMessiah is committed to helping people to grow in faith and spiritual maturity. This is achieved through a diversity of programs for people of all ages.


Youth and children, Sunday School, Bible Study, and Spiritual Growth

Programs helping people to grow to spiritual maturity through discussion and study of God’s Word.


Worship Life

Word and Sacrament are the center of Messiah’s life of community.


Community Partnerships

Messiah makes our facilities available to help serve the community.



 Stephen Ministry



Things continue to move forward smoothly and steadily in our Stephen Ministry under the capable leadership of Linda Leister and Jeanette Gross.  What this program is bringing to the ministry of Christ at Messiah is touching the lives of many.


Currently, Messiah has several trained Stephen Ministers, including Jeanette and Linda as Stephen Leaders.  Pastor Esborn is also trained as a Stephen Ministry Leader.  This means we have nine people now, intentionally and actively, sharing God’s love within the lives of people in our community.


One of God’s graces in Stephen Ministry is that Stephen Ministers often consider themselves to receive far more than they ever give.  The fifty hours of training and the opportunity to participate in a deep caring relationship brings out God’s love in their lives in ways they never anticipated.  Being a Stephen Minister can be a profound experience of spiritual growth.


Men and women are invited to contact Linda Leister or Jeanette Gross to sign up for training or simply to ask questions.

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